Ceramic Dental Fillings

Ceramic Dental Fillings

Ceramic Fillings

At Roots on Whyte Dental, we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest material technology. Nowadays, there is a myriad of materials produced and developed by numerous dental companies and when it comes to choosing our dental materials, some of the most important criteria we consider are biocompatibility and longevity.

What is in conventional composite resin material?

Conventional composite resin filling material consists of three main components: resin matrix, inorganic fillers, and coupling agents. Most of dental composite resins available today have their resin matrices composed of Bis-GMA and other dimethacrylate monomers such as TEGDMA, UDMA, etc.

Do conventional composite resins contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a compound that is speculated to have estrogen-mimicking effects on our body and is potentially linked to hormone related problems, asthma, obesity and breast cancer. BPA is used as a precursor to manufacture Bis-GMA, a monomer that is common to most dental composite resins. Although the manufacturer does not deliberately add BPA to their filling materials, it can be found in trace amounts in most dental composite resins. Also, Bis-GMA within the set fillings in our mouths can over time become broken down through different mechanisms and BPA may also be released. The levels of BPA found in these filling materials and the levels released from the set fillings in our teeth are well within the level deemed to be safe. Although this is the case, we believe that there are various routes we can get exposed to and ingest BPA (through foods and drinks in plastic bottles and canned goods, plastic wraps, plastic cups, soda cans, etc.) and that although the dental source is very minute, we would like to help our patients lower their cumulative exposure by providing BPA free dental filling material, Admira Fusion by Voco.

We use a BPA-free filling material

We use Admira Fusion by Voco, which is a ceramic filling material utilizing its proprietary nano-ORMOCER®(ORganically-MOdified-CERamic) technology. It is a BPA free material and does not contain classic monomers such as Bis-GMA, UDMA, HEMA, TEGDMA, etc.

More information about the filling material we use can be found here:


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The care I received was courteous and very professional. The dentist was extremely gentle. She replaced a filling which I had lost and all I can say is “It’s BEAUTIFUL!”. The experience was painless and actually pleasant. My concerns about dental amalgams and root canals were taken into consideration and I felt like I was genuinely listened to. I highly recommend this dental office! 🙂

Dominique B 03/12/2016

Very positive experience. The reception was friendly and helpful. I am a little apprehensive, as are most I think when visiting the dentist, but this team was kind, gentle, but also very informative. Dr. Aujla has a very peaceful demeanour, I would definitely recommend this team for a stress free dental experience.

Jaclyn D 18/11/2016

The lovely woman who did my cleaning was warm and welcoming, and I felt so at ease with her that it was almost as good as getting a massage! It was the most relaxed I’ve ever been at the dentist. Also, I loved how she was caring and didn’t make fake “small talk” with me. A total delight! The dentist was also warm, gentle, sweet, and she seemed so relaxed. It was kind of like being in the hands of angels. Not exaggerating! Thank you, Lara

Lara Y 24/09/2016

Thank you for the great first impression! As someone who has worked in the service industry for more than 30 years I can tell you are doing a great job! I was greeted by 2 lovely assistants at the front desk one of which actually remembered my email address when I mentioned who I was – that’s a clear sign of paying attention to details and connecting to the clients who are coming in. The rest of my visit was as welcoming and also incredibly informative. I learned more about my teeth and loved the digital imaging that really showed me what Dr. Ruby was explaining. I’ve already recommended the office to my 2 daughters and their families and I will continue to spread the word. Thank you again for the great experience I look forward to my next visit!

Enid D 22/09/2016


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