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18 Dec 2017


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5 Do’s And Don’ts After Dental Sedation

When having sedation dentistry performed, it’s very important to follow the rules. By making sure you follow each guideline your dentist gives you for before and after your sedation dentistry procedure, you are protecting yourself from any negative side effects, as well as doing all you can to make sure the sedative functions as it should.

  1. DO NOT Attempt to Drive

    Once you are discharged from your dentist’s office after having received sedation dentistry, you are not allowed to operate a vehicle, for your own and others’ safety. It is highly recommended that you have someone with you to drive you home and supervise you following your procedure, which brings us to our next point…

  2. DO Have an Escort

    It’s essential that you have an escort, usually a family member or friend, to help you get home following sedation dentistry. Because of the sedative used, balance, coordination, and motor function can be impaired. Recovery time will vary from patient to patient, but no matter what, it’s important you have someone to assist you after your procedure.

    It’s not just about the drive home either. It is suggested you are supervised for three to four hours after being sedated.

  3. DO Go Straight Home

    It’s best to let the effects of the sedative wear off in a quiet, comfortable, and familiar environment. It is suggested that following your procedure you are taken directly home, and that you stay there for at least three or four hours.

  4. DON’T Drink or Eat too Quickly

    Once the patient is fully awake they should be able to drink clear fluids. The biggest problem with drinking after sedation is the potential for nausea and vomiting. Start small. The patient should have just a little bit of liquid at a time. Once the amount of liquid has progressed to a full glass, with no signs of nausea or vomiting, the patient can begin progressing towards solid foods. It is a good idea to transition from clear fluids to solid food using foods such as soup, or yoghurt. As with drinking, the consuming of solid foods should be done slowly and carefully.

  5. DO Rest

    It is very important that you give your body time to recover following sedation dentistry. It can be a little while before you feel like yourself again. Clear your schedule ahead of time so that after your procedure you can go home and spend the rest of the day recovering and relaxing.

Dr. William Yoo

A graduate of University of Sydney, Dr. Yoo joined the Roots on Whyte team after working on the West Coast and throughout Northern Canada. Dr. Yoo is passionate about oral care and holistic approaches to dentistry. His mission is to ensure each patient receives the best possible care during their visit at the clinic. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and exploring Edmonton’s restaurant scene together with his wife, Kelly.

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