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Using Prescription Toothpaste
26 Jun 2017


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Is Prescription Toothpaste Worth It?

Regular brushing should be part of your daily routine for maintaining good oral hygiene and a dazzling smile. But sometimes, regular toothpaste is not enough to adequately keep your mouth healthy and free from cavities and other painful conditions.

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Enamel Loss Prevention
5 Jun 2017

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5 Tips To Protect Your Teeth Enamel

Your teeth are protected by one of the hardest substances in the human body, namely enamel. However, tooth enamel is also quite fragile.

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What Can A Dental Checkup Reveal About Me?
17 Mar 2017

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5 Things Your Dental Hygienist Can Tell About You

After visiting their registered dental hygienist for a routine checkup, most people leave the office feeling confident about the state of their dental health.

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5 Common Patient Fears That Can Be Managed With Sedation Dentistry
6 Mar 2017

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How Sedation Dentistry Can Ease Feelings Of...

For some, the thought of sitting in the dental chair can be so dreadful that a simple routine visit becomes a reason for stress and nervousness. This condition is referred to as dental anxiety. It affects a fairly large proportion of the population across all age groups.

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5 Common Reasons For Bleeding Gums
23 Feb 2016

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Bleeding Gums? These 5 Things Could Be The Cause

It is not uncommon for people to notice some drops of blood in the sink after some careful flossing. You may dismiss it as a simple injury, perhaps due to aggressive flossing or brushing, but proper dental care should never cause your gums to bleed.

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Mercury Poisoning Due To Poor Amalgam Fillings Removal
16 Feb 2017

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Dangers Associated With Improper Amalgam Fillings

Mercury is considered one of the most dangerous, non-radioactive metals on earth, and yet it is a key constituent in the popular amalgam fillings used in dental restoration procedures. New studies suggest that the removal of a single amalgam filling can increase mercury levels in the body.

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Are Same Day Crowns Right For You?
12 Dec 2016

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What are same day crowns?

Dental crowns refer to filling material designed and shaped to be capped over the structure left from a damaged or weakened natural tooth to help preserve the remaining structure, restore the tooth to full functionality, restore the aesthetics and prevent additional damage/decay.

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