Holistic Versus Conventional: What To Expect From Holistic Dentistry
12 Dec 2016


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What is a holistic dentist?

A holistic dentist, or a biological dentist, is a dental professional who practices with the intention to treat patients in the safest and most natural way possible, while still finding the same successful outcomes as those practicing modern dentistry. They exercise an approach that is not its own form of dentistry, but instead a less toxic approach at fixing oral issues in order to better a patient’s teeth, mouth, and overall health. Holistic dentistry makes use of biocompatible or non-toxic restorative materials and seeks to eliminate infections and promote integrated, complementary patient care.

There is no definite standard for practising holistic dentistry, but dentists who use this approach will generally use the least invasive, least toxic and least traumatic means of diagnosis and treatment and largely rely on the body’s own natural self-healing and regeneration abilities.

Holistic dentists usually work with other healthcare professionals for the wellbeing of the client. At its core, this dentistry approach looks at the teeth, mouth, and all oral structures as an essential part of the body that, if not in top condition, can affect the patient’s physical health. So, holistic dentists argue that the mouth should not be treated as in independent system of the body.

Treatment to expect with holistic dentistry

As with traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry also uses x-rays, fillings and appropriate anaesthesia. However, holistic dentists:

  • Use x-rays sparingly to reduce cumulative exposure to radiation
  • Use digital x-ray sensors to further reduce the amount of radiation and to produce high resolution x-ray images for an accurate diagnosis
  • Use ceramic or composite fillings as opposed to mercury-based amalgam fillings
  • Follow safety protocols during the removal of mercury fillings
  • Offer fluoride-free treatment
  • Use biocompatible materials
  • Use water filtration systems to prevent biofilm accumulation in the waterlines
  • Work in a collaborative approach with other health professionals such as MDs, naturopaths, etc.

Whether you choose a conventional or holistic dentist, you should know that you are the only person who’s responsible for his/her oral and overall health, so make sure you are well informed when visiting your dentist.

Dr. William Yoo

A graduate of University of Sydney, Dr. Yoo joined the Roots on Whyte team after working on the West Coast and throughout Northern Canada. Dr. Yoo is passionate about oral care and holistic approaches to dentistry. His mission is to ensure each patient receives the best possible care during their visit at the clinic. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and exploring Edmonton’s restaurant scene together with his wife, Kelly.

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