Tooth Veneers And Crowns
24 May 2018


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How Dentists Create Tooth Veneers And Crowns

Dental crowns and tooth veneers are just a couple of options for fixing one’s smile. Many people choose these crowns or veneers because they last long and can be done quickly by a local dentist.

A dental crown is a uniquely crafted top, made to fit over a damaged tooth. The crown is made to essentially, replace and function as one’s tooth. The manufactured tooth is customized to match the shading and appearance of the surrounding teeth. New advances in dental innovation has made getting a crown a less demanding process – and a generally wiser choice – than it has ever been. The solid dental arrangements of crowns also let them endure for long, give that they are properly cared for. Outlined below is the process of creating a crown:

  1. The area around the tooth is properly cleaned, removing all decay. Once cleaned, the area around is numbed.
  2. Next, the tooth will be re-sculpted into a base to create the crown.
  3. After re-sculpting, an advanced impression of the tooth is made for the dentist to outline and make a fitting crown. In many cases, dentists create a transitory crown to fit over the tooth while the real crown is being prepared.
  4. Once the crown is completed, the temporary crown is removed and the newly customized crown is put into place.
  5. To make sure that the crown fits properly, a bonding substance is applied. Once the substance dries, the patient will have a new smile he or she can be proud of.

Veneers’ creation process differs slightly from crowns’. Veneers are skinny shells made out of dental clay that are bonded onto the front side of teeth. These dental products are created via the following steps:

  1. First, the tooth is trimmed so that its thickness matches the veneer that is to be placed on the tooth. Trimming the tooth helps remove decay from the tooth.
  2. Next, the dentist utilizes a shade manual to figure out which shade of porcelain matches the adjacent teeth best. They may choose to utilize distinctive hues for various parts of the veneer. They’ll additionally note areas of overlay and correspondingly, levels of translucency.
  3. After trimming, the dental practitioner will take an impression of the tooth and its encompassing teeth and gums. This particular impression will be utilized to shape the veneer.
  4. Now that the veneer has been manufactured, it’s ready to be fortified onto the tooth.
  5. Once the patient and the dental practitioner establish that its shape and shade are correct, the veneer is permanently secured into place with a special bonding substance.

Now that the veneer is safely and securely attached to the tooth, the patient is ready to show off their brilliant smile!

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Dr. William Yoo

A graduate of University of Sydney, Dr. Yoo joined the Roots on Whyte team after working on the West Coast and throughout Northern Canada. Dr. Yoo is passionate about oral care and holistic approaches to dentistry. His mission is to ensure each patient receives the best possible care during their visit at the clinic. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and exploring Edmonton’s restaurant scene together with his wife, Kelly.

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