What to Ask Your Child’s Dentist About General Anesthesia
21 Aug 2019


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What to Ask Your Child’s Dentist About General...

Are your kids still afraid of the dentist? That can’t be good, especially if they’re falling behind on their bedtime routine and are getting cavities. No one likes the image of being strapped down on the dentist’s chair just to get pearly whites and bright smiles back.

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Dental Sedation
18 Dec 2017

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5 Do’s And Don’ts After Dental Sedation

When having sedation dentistry performed, it’s very important to follow the rules.

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Sedation Dentistry
8 Nov 2017

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Can You Eat Before Or After Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, or “sleep dentistry”, is often used for patients who have anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist. Even among adults, anxiety or even phobia about the dentist is common.

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Types Of Sedation Dentistry
29 May 2017

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What Are The Different Types Of Sedation...

Sedation dentistry consists of several techniques used to safely induce a state of relaxation in order to help control discomfort and anxiety among patients undergoing long or intricate procedures.

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5 Common Patient Fears That Can Be Managed With Sedation Dentistry
6 Mar 2017

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How Sedation Dentistry Can Ease Feelings Of...

For some, the thought of sitting in the dental chair can be so dreadful that a simple routine visit becomes a reason for stress and nervousness. This condition is referred to as dental anxiety. It affects a fairly large proportion of the population across all age groups.

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