Difference between ceramic and titanium dental implants
24 Aug 2020


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Ceramic vs Titanium Implants: What’s the...

Teeth and the smile they contribute to can say a lot about you. Perfectly aligned, bright, pearly white teeth are a thing of desire and a major source of confidence for many. Devoting your time to the regular care of your teeth and gums can ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong.

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How Dental Lasers are Used for Orthodontic Work
23 Sep 2019

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How Dental Lasers are Used for Orthodontic Work

With new technologies in modern dentistry, patients can enjoy procedures and techniques that are more convenient, less invasive, safer, and more effective with faster healing and recovery times.

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Ways to fix missing tooth
6 Feb 2019

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Reasons to Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants

A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that restores the full function of your mouth with a permanent crown and root. It has become a popular tooth loss solution for improving the function and stability of your mouth.

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Ceramic Implants
10 May 2018

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Ceramic implants may be the next big thing

I remember my grandfather being one of my favorite people, as a young girl. He was a quiet, kind man. I also remember my amusement every time he grabbed his upper false teeth with his tongue and push them partially out, then pull them back in again.

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Signs Your Dental Implant Is Infected
9 Aug 2017

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Six Signs Your Dental Implant Is Infected

Most complications from dental implants come from infections. A common implant infection is peri-implantitis. This type of infection is a form of periodontal (gum) disease that if left untreated can lead to inflammation, bone loss and implant failure.

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