Tips to prevent tooth cavities
21 Sep 2020


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15 Tips to Help Prevent Tooth Cavities

Preventing cavities should be everyone’s number one goal when it comes to dental health. These small holes are caused by tooth decay and, when not addressed, can continue to eat away at your teeth. The longer a cavity goes undetected, the more damage and pain it can cause.

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Mercury dental fillings
18 May 2020

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How and When Mercury Dental Fillings Should Be...

Do you still have mercury dental fillings? Below, we’ll find out when and how they should be safely removed by your dentist. When should mercury dental fillings be removed? When the traditional silver fillings are inserted, they are packed into an area of your tooth.

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Amalgam Fillings
7 Feb 2018

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Are Amalgam Fillings Safe?

In the past, amalgam fillings were the most popular way of filling cavities. Although millions of people have had amalgam fillings done, in recent years tooth coloured bonding material has been used more frequently than amalgam fillings.

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Safety Of Composite Resin Fillings
8 May 2017

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Are Composite Resin Fillings Safe?

Dentists and patients are increasingly opting for composite resin fillings as an alternative to amalgam fillings, largely due to their aesthetic appeal, and also because of mercury concerns. However, there have been claims that composite resin fillings may be damaging to health.

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Mercury Poisoning Due To Poor Amalgam Fillings Removal
16 Feb 2017

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Dangers Associated With Improper Amalgam Fillings

Mercury is considered one of the most dangerous, non-radioactive metals on earth, and yet it is a key constituent in the popular amalgam fillings used in dental restoration procedures. New studies suggest that the removal of a single amalgam filling can increase mercury levels in the body.

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