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Mercury dental fillings
18 May 2020


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How and When Mercury Dental Fillings Should Be...

Do you still have mercury dental fillings? Below, we’ll find out when and how they should be safely removed by your dentist.When should mercury dental fillings be removed?When the traditional silver fillings are inserted, they are packed into an area of your tooth.

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Difference between general and cosmetic dentistry
20 Apr 2020

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The Difference Between General Dentistry and...

Dentistry — also known as oral medicine or dental medicine — is a branch of medicine that focuses on the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases or conditions affecting the oral cavity and related structures.

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Dental crowns and bridges
18 Mar 2020

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Crown restorations are one of the most common procedures performed by dental professionals. Dental crown restorations, although very common, are sometimes not very well understood.

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How Long Do Ceramic Fillings Last?
18 Feb 2020

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How Long Do Ceramic Fillings Last?

Cavities are ever fun and can be painful and a nuisance to treat.When harmful bacteria build up in your mouth due to poor oral hygiene practices and excessive sugars, they can cause your teeth to become infected and decay over time. Cavities are the result of this tooth decay.

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Why It's Important to Replace Amalgam Fillings
14 Jan 2020

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Why It’s Important to Replace Amalgam...

If you’ve had one or more cavities, then it was most likely filled in with a grey metal amalgam. This grey metal amalgam filling is the silver that can be seen when you throw your head back and enjoy a good laugh or when you open your mouth widely.

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Dental Insurance: How to Maximize Your Dental Benefits
17 Dec 2019

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Dental Insurance: How to Maximize Your Dental...

As important as it is to maintain your oral health and provide your teeth with regular cleanings or dental procedures as required, the costs of these services can surely add up.

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Why it’s Important to Have Regular Dental Checkups
7 Nov 2019

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Why it’s Important to Have Regular Dental...

It can be easy to overlook and sometimes forget about the health of your teeth — until they give you a reason to. A toothache or difficulty biting into your favourite foods can be worrisome and could be the first sign of trouble, but at this point, it may be too late.

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